Friday, February 20, 2009

Netflix Instant Queue Review: Outsourced

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It's your typical love story. Boy's job gets outsourced, boy travels to train new outsourced staff, boy meets girl and falls in love when he least expects, and girl teaches boy about global awareness, social sensitivity, and life.

While this romantic comedy can be formulaic and predictable at times, there's a quirky sincerity in that acting that lends the characters an endearing quality often lacking in similar fare. Since the film's title itself is enough to set off a heated debate, it's no surprise that the film is thick with social commentary. Still, unlike so many films, no heavy-handed judgments of generalized "evil" are passed down (I'm looking at you Happy Feet), and at least the film focuses more on the opportunity that outsourcing presents to developing nations instead of the unemployment it produces elsewhere. It is a romantic comedy after all; it can't all be doom and gloom.

Certainly not a bad movie to check out if you're looking to kill an hour and a half. And hey, while you enjoy your romantic comedy you might also pick up a few little culturally enlightening tidbits about India.

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