Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couples Gaming: Fable 2 - The Experiment Continues

So we've had our hands pretty full with the new kid lately, but tonight we found a few moments when we could finally pop in Fable 2. I played through the first 45 minutes of the game while my wife watched. Considering that the first 45 minutes of gameplay consist of simple fetch quests meant to familiarize you with the game's controls, it was probably a little less exciting for my wife to watch than I had hoped. Still, she was a good sport and we got through the games opening chapter.

After this, I wondered if might have been more enjoyable for my wife to come in and watch the more interesting parts of the game instead of watching the whole thing. I also wonder if we will be more pressured to rush through Fable 2's main story line instead of taking some time for side quests because whoever is playing will be worried about boring the one who isn't.

We'll keep it up and see how things go with our next session. More details to come. Stay tuned!

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