Saturday, January 31, 2009

Couples Gaming: Fable 2 - Single Player for Two

Because I am married and very close to becoming a father (it could actually be a matter of hours as I write this), my family has become a big part of my gaming atmosphere. Of course this means saving the more violent, mature titles that I play for my late night and early morning solo gaming sessions, and finding wife and kid friendly games to enjoy together. This can often be difficult because when we think about gaming with others, we tend to focus on multiplayer and cooperative games. This was the case when recently, I had the idea of doing a series of blog posts about how my wife and I (and maybe when he's old enough, our son) enjoy games together. I liked the idea but didn't want to focus solely on multiplayer games; so I decided that we would find games that interested us both and play through them together, whether they had multiplayer elements or not.

As the first game in the Couple's Gaming series, I've chosen Fable 2. The game is mature, but not in a way that would be offensive to my wife. It also includes lots of customization and life simulation, which I think my wife will really enjoy. It's also important to note that my wife is not a gamer. While she enjoys some games (Guitar Hero, N+, Zuma, Castle Crashers), she typically isn't very interested in games outside of the casual scene. I thought Fable 2 would provide an approachable gaming experience for my wife, and a single player eperience that would entertain us both at the same time, whoever was playing or watching at the time.

So far we've only gotten through the first 10 minutes of the game, and I was surprised when my wife told me that she was "excited to play through this game." The plan right now is to have me play through most of the game while she watches and enjoys the story. That may very well change though as things progress, and if she decides she wants a turn.

So stay tuned to hear more about our forays into Couple's Gaming. Lots more to come from Fable 2, and other titles to follow.

Have any suggestions on how to game together, or suggestions of titles we should play together? Leave a comment!


Nevis said...

As a couple, I usually watch while my fiance plays through the game. I get to enjoy the story without having to bother actually playing it.

However, I do play Gears, Halo 3, Rockband, L4D, etc. Does your wife ever play these games? I find them super enjoyable and they're all co-op! I only ever play games that are co-op...I just loose interest if I'm playing it by myself.

Jason Wadsworth said...

I'm glad to know that the "single player for two" concept can work, Nevis. My wife has shown interest in Left 4 Dead, but she hasn't played it yet. Other than that she doesn't like FPS because she has a hard time in the 3D space. Is it just something you have to get used to?