Monday, February 9, 2009

Micro Review: R-Type Dimensions

The sci-fi space shooter classic R-Type was recently released on the Xbox Live Arcade, adding it to the ranks of classic games that have received an HD makeover.

This XBLA download includes both R-Type and its sequel R-Type II. The visuals for both games have received liberal amounts of HD coating, but players can switch between classic and updated graphics on the fly by the press of a button. Adding to the updated visuals, players can also move the camera to get a slightly isometric view of the 3-D version. Though this additional view mode is certainly unique, it adds little to the gameplay and makes an already difficult game even harder.

In addition to the classic gameplay, an Infinite game mode has been added. This mode will allow those who might not be the best at dodging pixel-high projectiles to see more than the first few seconds of the first stage. It is indeed a welcome addition, and still keeps the game competitive by tracking how many lives it takes players to complete each stage.

If you're a shooter fan, you'll most likely have fun with this title, but you may find the price a bit steep when compared to comparable games, even if both R-Type games are included.

R-Type Dimensions is available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 USD).

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